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A Conservative Alternative to Extraction

Save Your Tooth with Root Canal Treatment

Formerly considered invasive, root canal treatment is now thought of as a conservative procedure because it can save a tooth that would otherwise die and require replacement. This means, if you have an infected tooth and a root canal is prescribed, the procedure will save your tooth.

When is a Root Canal Recommended?

When a tooth incurs damage that allows bacteria to infiltrate the pulp, infection develops. Bacteria and infection grow, creating pressure on the nerve of the tooth, which leads to acute toothaches. Ultimately, the bacteria will kill the tooth’s nerve, thus destroying the tooth. Infection can also become blood borne and cause serious health complications, making treatment an immediate priority.

What Does Root Canal Treatment Entail?

After administering local anaesthesia, and possibly a sedative, Dr. Murray-Curtis will access your infected tooth’s core and remove all infection, decay, and bacteria. He’ll then fill the tooth with manmade material and seal the access point with a dental crown. Often, root canal treatment can be completed in one visit.

What are the Benefits of Treatment?

  • Removes infection so that it cannot spread further
  • Eliminates toothache in affected tooth
  • Allows you to retain your natural tooth
  • Restores comfortable oral function
  • Eliminates the need for a prosthetic tooth

Will I Make a Good Candidate?

If you have an infected tooth, you may make an excellent candidate for a root canal treatment. Dr. Murray-Curtis is conservative in his treatment suggestions and will only suggest a root canal if it is essential.

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