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What to Expect During
Dental Implant Placement

Everything You Need to Know about the Dental Implant Procedure

This list outlines the eight steps of a dental implant procedure, if you’d like to know more about the dental implant procedure, or the benefits it could have for you, contact us.
Our friendly staff are always ready and willing to help.

  1. Examination

    Your thorough oral examination will involve a complete visual inspection of your head and neck, as well as your oral structures: soft tissues, teeth, jawbone, jaw joints (TMJs). The doctor will also take time to talk with you about why you want dental implants. He can answer your questions during this appointment, as well.

  2. Records

    Digital X-rays, panoramic X-ray, and/or cone beam 3-D imaging may be required for Dr. Murray-Curtis to properly plan your implant case.

  3. Consultation

    After studying your records, the dentist will create a comprehensive treatment plan. He’ll present you with facts, options, and advice during your personal consultation. Again, he will answer all of your questions during this appointment. You’ll decide how and when to proceed with dental implant surgery. We can also address finances and/or financing at this appointment.

  4. Prerequisite Procedures

    If required, you will undergo gum disease therapy and/or bone grafting with Dr. Murray-Curtis. Once your mouth is in prime condition, we’ll schedule your implant placement surgery.

  5. Dental Implant Placement

    During this visit, we’ll administer a sedative to keep you comfortable during surgery. Dr. Murray-Curtis will place implant posts, as planned, in your jaw.

  6. Osseointegration

    The healing or recovery period following implant placement is called osseointegration. Osseo means bone, so osseointegration is a process in which bone integrates with the biocompatible implant posts placed in your jaw. Usually, osseointegration occurs over three to six months. You may wear a temporary prosthetic during this time.

  7. Restoration or Prosthetic Placement

    When your jaw has completely fused to the implant posts, Dr. Murray-Curtis will secure your final restoration or prosthetic.

  8. Aftercare

    Caring for implant crowns or implant-retained dentures is simple. The dentist will provide you with complete instructions, and we’ll schedule follow-up appointments to keep your oral health in optimal condition long term.

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